09 November 2010

Something I Like: "Scrupulosity"

This week's poem at Linebreak is "Scrupulosity" by Dan O'Brien.

The poem includes the following lines, which I've been reading over and over.

                                   I’ll be working
for ages alone. I’m glad that he’s gone,
I breathe easier now. I work harder
now, too. On my knees, this monk whose fingers
ache for heaven.

I like how it doesn't say "working / alone for ages" and how that subtle difference shifts the meaning (or at least the emphasis). I can't help but see some elegy in that moment, a reading that leads to an ambiguity that makes me just a little bit uncomfortable at the same time that the speaker claims to "breathe easier."

I also like the word scrupulosity.

Music at the moment:  Arcade Fire, The Suburbs

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